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The Clark Associates Companies

Welcome to ClarkLTL!

Continue to follow the shipping instructions on our purchase orders and use ClarkLTL when requested. To register your shipment through ClarkLTL, follow these steps.
  1. Provide the PO number and shipping address.

  2. Provide the destination address. This info can be found on the original purchase order. Note that this information will automatically be filled in for orders placed by our WEBstaurantStore division.

  3. Complete each required field (marked with a red asterisk). Dimensions and weights will need to be rounded to the nearest inch and pound.

  4. Enter any additional notes or special instructions in the Shipment Notes section.

Once "Submit" is clicked, a pop-up will appear noting the carrier that is to be used along with a phone number to reach them at and a link to their website.  Also, a link will be provided to download the bill of lading.  After you have been assigned a carrier and have downloaded a copy of the bill of lading, please contact the carrier directly and schedule the pickup.
All questions or concerns can be sent to [email protected]